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KOL/KOC community power directly faces consumers
Direct support to millions of suppliers around the world
Quickly set up dedicated page pop-up stores in 30 seconds
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Global distributor sales
Increase mass channels
Sales growth
Exposure increased
Free to use the system
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Exclusive web page
Independent store
Strong millions of products
Product graphics are complete
Taiwan dollar checkout
International logistics services
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EC Platform

Rapidly expand the number of products
Improve competitiveness
No waste of advertising money
No need to stock up
Reduce labor costs
Integrate multi-platform reports
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NewBANG 5 major advantages of suppliers

Advantage 1

Simple interface

Intuitive listing, friendly process

Advantage 2

Accurate classification

Simple search

Advantage 3

local payment flow

Save on exchange differences and handling fees

Advantage 4

Easy logistics

Clear track and perfect system

Advantage 5

Concentrated flow of people

B2B, B2C distribution center


More than a million products, starting with one piece


More than 5,000 suppliers, direct supply from manufacturers


Designated for use by more than a thousand (KOL) and (Group Buyers)


It only takes 30 seconds to start selling easily and without any burden

Supports one-click listing on mainstream platforms

What do other (KOL) and (Group Buyers) say

I have often joined groups in the past. In fact, there are many problems. In addition to finding good products, I also need to negotiate with manufacturers on price and quantity. Using Newbang, I feel that it is extremely convenient, and I have already won the game with just the beginning. For all the tours I have done before, the prices are super low, and there are no volume issues. It’s easy to open a tour and close the order, and I don’t even have to send the products myself!

by 熊熊吃布丁

I am a live broadcaster. It is easy for me to introduce outfits during live broadcasts, but I need to hire an assistant to help manage it. The clothing inventory is really large and there are many sizes of each style. Using Newbang Finally, it helped me a lot. I just need to share the store link with fans. There is no follow-up management, ordering, or For issues such as handling, shipping, etc., just concentrate on doing my recommendation work. I really recommend it~~

by 粉紅密室集

I have been running a maternal and child community for so long. I have a full-time job and I don’t want to be in trouble, so I haven’t opened a few groups. My friends said that I was wasting my traffic. After trying Newbang, I really have no worries. After opening a single product store, I linked the stores. Passively put it in the group and then make money. I find it hard to believe that such an easy-to-use platform is free of charge.

by 肥仔生活館

Newbang is really awesome. I run a special community. I thought that Newbang is known as a storehouse of millions of products, so I went to check it out. It turned out that there were so many unpopular products related to me, none of which are really available in the Taiwan market. Yes, I opened a few product stores in excitement, and then they started selling out for no apparent reason. It would be unreasonable for me not to push Newbang ~

by 激動子彈天空飛

When I see products recommended by Internet celebrities on Tiktok, I really want to recommend them to my friends, but I can’t find the manufacturer. Newbang is like the wishing well, which is super easy to find treasures. Being on Newbang is like being possessed and it will keep slipping. If this goes on and stores are kept open, the Newbang will definitely become addicted.

by 小米媽媽

As a businessman, with the emergence of Newbang, we really only need to focus on traffic. Moreover, the price of each store is customized, and we make our own profits. Newbang does not share the profit. The biggest key is that I do not participate in it. We need to get any cash first, God’s Cow really helped us~

by 經商之道家

I have ordered goods from a certain leather seller before, but they either didn’t deliver the goods or couldn’t find anyone, and the group purchasers were so big. The biggest difference I saw in Newbang is that there are dedicated helpers, and the supply inside them is huge. The merchants have carefully selected the products, and the quality of the products is very good, so we have no derivative problems in distribution. This alone is enough!

by 驕陽似火